Getting Around

Getting Around

Attractions, shopping, outdoor activities - everything you want to do and see in Didim is easily accessible - within walking distance, a short drive Didim is known for being a very walkable city with a compact downtown core, so you’ll likely find many of the places you want to go are just a short walk from your hotel. Visit our Maps section to help plan your route. Taxis are plentiful and can be hailed on the street, as well as found at designated stands, and called for pick-up. If you prefer to drive yourself around, you’ll find that most major car rental companies have offices in Didim. Parking is available at most hotels, and is easy to find around most attractions. Visit our Transit System page for more information about using Didim public transportation system to get around. Visit our page to explore other modes of getting around in Didim. Search below to find listing for taxi companies, car and RV rentals.
Passengers can get out anywhere along the route, or ride to the end

Buses (dolmus)

Passengers can get out anywhere along the route, or ride to the end, for a single set fare that's the same for all passengers no matter what their destination.Their destination is listed on the front of the bus.Dolmus means "filled" the minibus waits at the beginning of its route until most or all of its seats are filled.

Fares are usually about TL3 within in Altinkum

City buses are inexpensive but get crowded at rush hour. Buy tickets in advance from a ticket booth for municipal buses and pay the driver on private buses City-to-city routes, which tend to be longer, may have higher fares but still far less than a taxi. Most Turkish residents opt for a coach if they're on a budget and traveling to see family off the beaten track (where other modes of transportation aren't available). What will surprise you is that the buses are very luxurious, of European standard, and the pricing for a seat is shockingly affordable.

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