For a small Town province there is a remarkable array of schools and learning establishments on Didim

Didim's fact file
• Population: 80 Thousand
• Area: 280 km²
• Official Language: Turkish
• Religion: Muslim / Christianity
• Mayor: A.Deniz Atabay
• Time Zone: Eastern European Time Zone . Eastern European Standard Time (EET) is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).
• Currency: Turkish Lira
• City Code: +90 256
• Emergency numbers: 110 Fire, 155 Police, 112 Ambulance...
Turkey's mobile (cell) phone companies are Turkcell (900 Mhz, the largest), Vodafone (900 Mhz, next largest), and Türk Telekom (1800 Mhz, formerly Avea).

All of them also offer 2G and 3G (W-CDMA, 2100 Mhz) service, and 2G GPRS/EDGE and 3G data.A 4G LTE network is being constructed and may be in service by 2016, by which time it may actually be a 4.5G LTE network Wifi Internet access, usually free, is common all over Turkey. Virtually all hotels, hostels, dorms, rental apartments, and even tree houses have Wifi. Only the luxury hotels charge for it. Many restaurants, cafés, bars, beach café-bars andoffices offer it. Some intercity buses, trains andferryboats have it, and airports offer it for a fee

It's fair to say that you will have free Wifi available to you at least a few hours each day. Some travelers find this completely sufficient for their needs. The connection and its speed may vary, but you'll have the opportunity to connect, and the price is the best: free!...
An extensive variety of cuisine is available representing the multicultural flavour of Didim. Whether you’re looking for a taste of home or a taste of the exotic, fine dining or a casual family-friendly spot, you’ll find it.

Restaurants, hotel lounges, bars and nightclubs can serve alcoholic beverages if they are “licensed premises.” In most cases, you cannot bring your own alcohol into a licensed premises – you have to purchase your drinks from them...
Like many other emerging economies, Turkey has had to weather the storm in recent times. However, there may still be opportunities to find graduate jobs in certain sectors With its varied landscapes and position at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey is a nation with a diverse cultural heritage. Home to important historical sites as well as top-class beaches along its vast coastline, tourism plays an important role in its economy. The capital city of Ankara - along with the great city of Istanbul - provides a focal point for its business endeavours and employment for a large proportion of the Turkish population....
Turkish education system is under the supervision and control of the state, namely the Ministry of National Education. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, everyone has the right to receive education. Education is compulsory from ages 6 to 14 and free in state schools. The country's primary schools currently have a 98 percent participation rate. The academic year in Turkish education institutions generally begins in the mid-September or early October and continues to May or early June. There is also a two-week winter break in February....
Didim is a developed holiday resort for health tourism. Dentists are especially popular. In addition to private clinics, there are hospitals very close to Didim. Gyms are also indispensable places for holiday makers in Didim....