Water Sports Activities You Can Expect To Find In Didim

Beach lover’s are often also lover’s of Fun Sea Sport Activities, as not everyone is content with just lying on the beach soaking up the sun or swimming in the sea. Read on to learn what activities are available from the beautiful sandy beaches of Didim.

If you don’t already know, you’ll be surprised to learn there are many beaches and bays along the Didim coast line, where you can find a variety of water sport activities to suit many tastes. Altınkum main beach is long and sandy with shallow water that goes out quite a way before it starts to deepen for the water sports area, so is a safe and an ideal family beach and for those who don’t swim. Many people love to play ball games in this shallow water. During the height of summer the beach is very crowded, but not only on the beach, the sea is also very busy with all kinds of activities going on. You can see and hear the hum of the speed boats and jet ski’s even over the sound of people shouting and the music coming from the cafés and restaurants.

You may be pleased to know that Altınkum has a section of beach available solely for the disabled and special needs persons and their carers. There is also a Hotel that caters for their needs and they can also take Scuba Diving instructions from a Special Needs Certified Instructor.

To the left side of Altınkum main beach you’ll find 2nd beach, which is smaller and usually just as busy, though you’ll also find water sports activities there too. To the right of Altınkum main beach you’ll find 3rd beach. This beach has improved over the recent years and is another popular one where you can enjoy water sports if you wish. From this beach you will also enjoy the views of yacht clubs on both sides of the beach, the largest being D-Marin Didim Marina and only a 15 minute walk away.

Water Sports can also be found in some of the other local bays too. Akbük, which is also part of Didim, has many beach areas and is only a short minibus ride away. Water sports activities can be found on some of the beaches of Akbük. Then there’s Mavişehir, which is also close to Altınkum, and is another favourite area for beautiful beaches and water sport activities. Yeşilkent, can be reached by minibus number 4 though is a little further out from Altınkum and has a few secluded bays, some of which are more quiet than others and has yet another large sandy beach offering water sports activities. You will find water sports available during the summer season starting from May 1st to Mid October.

Water Sport Activities In Didim Are:

1. Jet Ski
2. Parasailing
3. Water Buggy
4. Fly Board
5. Sea Bike
6. Water Ski
7. Banana
8. Ringo
9. Air stream
10. Speed Boat
11. Scuba Diving
12. Scuba Diving for disabled and special needs persons
13. Canoeing

Make sure your holiday insurance will cover you and your family for water sports and other activities even if you don’t think you will participate. You may change your mind or think you won’t have an accident, but accidents do happen and you don’t want to have to face a huge expense.

Personally, I’ve not experienced all these activities, though I’d love to scuba dive but due to sinus problems it’s too painful. I once had a ‘trial dive’ experience and managed to go down 2 metres but any further was too much pain for my eyes. The clear crystal blue waters of, not just Altınkum, but all the Aegean coast line is perfect for snorkelling, free diving and scuba diving. Parasailing seems to have been the most preferred water sports activity in Altınkum for the past 2 years, while Jet Skiing and Banana Boat equal 2nd most favourite.

Even whilst out on a daily boat trip you can take a short ‘fun speed boat experience’ for around 15 minutes from the boat if you’re lucky enough to have someone from the speed boat hop aboard to take requests. Have you ever done or seen someone do flyboard? It looks like great fun and is safe since you’ll be wearing a life jacket and do it over the water. It will certainly test your balance and skill. This experience usually last for around 15-20 mins. How about Jet Ski? I’ve not had the experience yet but it’s something on my ‘to-do-list’ lol.

I’ve never been on a Banana boat or Ringo but I’m told they’re great fun and the people I see on them always look as though they’re having such a good time. You only need to hear the laughter to know. My favourite is to enjoy a fast ride on a speed boat. I just love it! I think I should try my hand at water skiing next, though I’ll need to strengthen my legs before I give it a go. Wind surfing isn’t something that’s seen here very often as you won’t find many days that are windy enough here and certainly no good for surf lovers!

So, I hope the information is useful for you so you can decide which beaches you’d like to try for water sports and maybe choose beaches without water sports for a more relaxed, quieter and less busy experience. A word of warning for those who are not used to being in such hot weather in summer time, please remember to use 50 factor sunscreen at the start of your holiday, especially on the children and while doing any water sport. Avoid alcohol while sunbathing and drink plenty of water. Emergency services are always at hand if anything should happen. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions or can contact www.didimtour.com or info@didimtour.com.  and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great and fun holiday.

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