Ever Wondered What Goes On During A Didim Jeep Safari

If you're looking for a fun and exciting adventure with family or friends then you should take yourselves off on a Jeep Safari! You'll be sure to have an amazing time with Didim Tours Jeep Safari while creating lasting holiday memories for your Didim Holiday photo album!

If you’ve never been on a Jeep Safari before and are curious to learn what goes on, here’s a short insight from my experience as to what you could expect.

First, my booking was easy with Didim Tours, just 2 days prior to the tour and was informed of the time to be ready for collection from my accommodation. On the day, I was promptly picked up at 9:45am and taken to a nearby petrol station where the other Jeeps were there filling their fuel tanks and water buckets preparing for the fun water fight. Once we were all ready and armed with our pistols we set off with excitement and a little apprehension on our adventure prepared for battle!     

We were 3 Jeeps, each with between 8-10 people on board, some of which were children. The route was bumpy and dusty and as the Jeep drivers were experienced at doing this type of activity they knew the ‘routine’ to follow for making it such a fun activity, giving each Jeep enough time to re-load their pistols in time for passing, or being passed by the other 2 Jeeps. Those who were a little apprehensive about participating in this fun adventure were soon very happy that they did, as it brought out the child in everyone of us!

After around 20 minutes of water fight along the Sacred Road that runs from the ancient site of Miletus to Didyma’s Apollo Temple, we stopped for a break at a wide ancient Roman well that was covered over by a stone dome shaped type of building to have a look through an open doorway. Inside was clean rain water which had no bad odour and had a depth of around 8 meters. After around 7 minutes we all clambered back onto our Jeeps and continued the battle until we reached Didim Horse Riding Range. Here we were able to buy refreshments, use their lovely pool and of course, the loo!     

We all agreed this Ranch was a great place to stop for a 30 minute break on our journey, and we also found out it was in fact the place that you can do a Horse Safari from too. Though you’d need to book it with Didim Tours for that too! Once again we all got soaked as we continued the water fights along the way to our next destination, which was lunch at a lovely restaurant called Durağı, which literally means ‘stop,’ right on the seafront. The view was amazing and the food was very nice too! We all enjoyed our lunch which was included in the price, we just paid for our drinks (beer, wine & soft drinks were available here), then after we had satisfied our bellies we were ready to move on for another fun round of soaking each other with our water pistols.   

Our next stop was at a beach where we were able to go for a lovely swim to cool off, as by this time in the afternoon it was so hot and the breeze here was very welcomed. There was also a small friendly café where you could sit for a while and enjoy the beautiful view of the Aegean sea while sipping a glass of wine, enjoy a beer, soft drink or a coffee. I think they served snacks too but as we’d not long eaten we didn’t try any of their food. After spending a pleasurable hour here we thought as it was coming to the end of our day that we would be taking a leisurely drive back to our homes, but oh no! We noticed the drivers were filling our buckets full of water yet again! Some said they didn’t want to play another round but since the buckets in all 3 Jeeps were already full and the

drivers called out ‘are you all ready!’ there didn’t seem to be any point in not joining in as you would get soaked anyway! Lol. Besides, each time we had such hilarious fun.  

So, actually, the final round of the water fight was the best as everyone had got better at firing their pistols at the right time and right at the end we poured the remains of both our buckets into one and chucked it onto the people in the Jeep passing us. They too chucked their bucket of water over at our Jeep, but luckily it wasn’t enough to reach me! Even the drivers join in during some parts which I thought was great. All in all, we all agreed we’d had a fabulous day, kids and all enjoyed every minute. It certainly brought out the child in me and all of the other adults! Would I go again? Hell yeah! Lol!

If you’d like to experience this exciting activity you can book it here with https://bit.ly/DİDİMJEEPSAFARI  

Tips: Advisable NOT to wear white clothing due to the dust on the dirt track roads. BRING sun-cream, hats, sunglasses, money, drinking water for on-the-way, water-proof camera, swim wear and towel, and of course a little humour!  

~By Aleyna~

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