Most travelers comment on the friendliness and hospitality of the Turkish people. It really is exceptional. Turkey is not only friendly, it is, in many ways, as safe as Europe and North America, although no place is completely safe. in perspective
Safety is a big issue for any traveller, and safety is an even bigger issue for women - especially those who travel on their own to dangerous countries.

Apply the same safety rules that you do in your home town. It is natural when on vacation to relax and let our hair down but this is when trouble can occur. Examples include, do not accept drinks from strangers, do not walk in isolated places, use licenced taxis, and do not be a victim of opportunity theft by leaving your handbag wide open.

When checking into your hotel, ask for a business card and carry it around with you at all times. Most hotel business cards have the telephone number and address in case you get lost.

 Research the destination in Turkey that you plan to travel to. The coastal resorts are used to seeing bikini-clad women, and most bars, restaurants, and hotels, staff speak English. However, many destinations inland and in the East of the country adhere to more conservative dress standards and finding English speaking Turks can sometimes be hard.

Hassle sometimes occurs while shopping. Do not be scared to say no firmly but politely. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable, walk away

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