Health and Tourism

Health and Tourism

Why not want to take some time and experience relaxing therapies while visiting Didim? Turkish baths, message rooms are there for you. Many tourists come to Didim especially for dental health. Fees are very low compared to other countries and the service is very high quality.
Massage has a very old history in the world. It is not possible to ignore the comfort of massage because it has been used in physical therapy as well as relaxing people.

Since people are aware of the comfort they can achieve after massage, they prefer to get massage service whenever they have the opportunity. We can say that Didim has a rich content on massage parlors. Massage services are provided in many SPA centers and hotels. After this service, which is preferred by holidaymakers, people try to get rid of the stress and fatigue of almost the whole year. While massage can be a single session, it can also consist of several sessions. The important issue here is a situation related to what kind of massage you will need. Although massage is known as a traditional treatment tool, massage therapy has an important place in alternative medicine. Massage can be done in water as well as in classical methods. The fact that the technique used in the massage done through water is different and that the water has a soothing effect on people increases the pleasure of this massage.

We mentioned that there are many types of massages, but when we look at the most preferred massage techniques in the world, it is possible to state them as follows.

• Classic (Swedish) Massage
• Relax Massage
• Antistress Massage
• Medical Massage
• Aromatherapy Massage
• Neck, Back and Waist Massage
• Sports Massage
• Foot (Reflexology) Massage
• Thai Massage
• Bali Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Cellulite Massage
• Prenatal Massage

What is Medical Massage?

We also mentioned the medical massage among the types of massage above. So what is this medical massage and how is it done?

Medical massage, unlike traditional massage, must be taken within the scope of the doctor's planned treatment. It has a very important effect in the healing of many diseases. For this, it would not be correct to say a unique type of massage for medical massage. However, massage has to be arranged by organizing sessions specially for the person. While Didim massage parlors do not provide medical massage services, this procedure is given by a good physical therapist. Didim massage salons are mostly preferred for the relaxation, relaxation and fatigue of the person.

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