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General Info

Didim is the site of the antique city of Didyma with its ruined Temple of Apollo. City of Didim in Turkey - find out all the information you need: education, financial, population, transportation, health care and places of entertainment in Didim.
Didim has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy.

Didim is a city that became a district in 1991. Although it is at the border location to Muğla, it is in the shape of a peninsula surrounded by the Aegean Sea in the west and south. Our city, which is known for its proximity to Kuşadası and located within the borders of Aydın, has a coastline of 90 kilometers. Among these bays, the most famous bay in the world is Altınkum.

When we look at the nature of Didim, we see 40% forest and maquis. While all kinds of trees grow in forests, especially oak, sycamore, red pine, larch, pistachio pine, linden, dried nuts, insane, ash, bay and chestnut are quite abundant. All kinds of fruit can be grown in the plains of Didim. When we look at the vegetation of the Didim, there are 806 thousand 715 hectares of pastures and meadows, 250 thousand hectares of forests, 6722 hectares of lakes and swamps, and 109 thousand 600 hectares of land that are not suitable for agriculture.

The humidity in Didim is quite low. It is said to be especially good for asthma. Despite being in the warm climate zone, low humidity in the air will not strangle people while you are here and you will not feel the scorching heat of summer.

Didim has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. There are many maquis areas in the region. When we look at the average temperature annually in Didim, we can see 17-18 degrees. In the city, which is more temperate than the Mediterranean region, the annual rainfall varies between 600-1000 mm.

Didim and Tourism

We know that there are intense entries to Didim due to its geographical location. Especially in the summer, the occupancy rate in the city increases significantly. While people prefer this place when they want to spend their time in a clean sea and natural environment, they enjoy enjoying the blue of the Aegean by boat tours. The number of places to go in Didim, which is beautiful with its sea, is also many. As part of the tour program, people can visit historical and touristic places. The most visited site in the historical point is the Apollon temple. One of the most important reasons for visiting the temple is that it is the third largest temple in the world. The climate of Didim is very suitable for agriculture.

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