Didim’s Local Markets Are where You Can Haggle For a Great Bargain

If you’re a fan of browsing market’s and haggling for all kind’s of bargains, you’ll be glad to know that Didim has quite a few to keep you occupied!

Another popular place locals and holiday makers alike love to visit is Didim’s covered Saturday Market or otherwise known as Cumartesi Pazarı. You can buy all sorts of fresh and colourful fruits & vegetables, cheeses, olives, olive oil, pure honey and honey on the honeycomb, fruit extracts, a large range of spices, sweets and more. There’s also a variety of clothes from babies outfits right up to clothes for the elderly, such as; underwear, sports outfits, children’s casual and smart outfits, party dresses for girls, hand embroidered linen, bedding, night wear, women’s & gents clothes, shoes for all, outside and inside, sandals, slippers. Kitchen items like pots and pans etc. and plastic and wooden tools and other small nick-nacks. Even you’ll see hand carved wooden items such as small tables and chairs, kitchen utensils and souvenirs, plus stalls with jewellery, evil eye souvenirs and lamps. Turkey’s Pazar (market’s) are still the place where you can haggle the price, and they like to haggle so don’t be afraid to try it.

As well as the Saturday Market near the Bus station there’ now a Monday Market on the other side of town and a Wednesday Market behind the Didim Town Centre Mosque area, all selling practically the same produce. Though, only some veg stalls offer large open mushrooms and even then only sometimes, so you’ll mostly only see closed button mushrooms. I have never seen fruit such as blue berries at any of the Markets, but when I visited the Monday Market I noticed one stall holder selling sloes at 30 lira for 1 kilo, though at first I thought they were blue berries. Not a bad price I think! I also saw the large open mushrooms and Momordica Charantia, an unusual spiky orange fruit with red seeds….. a fruit I’ve never even heard of!

I have also recently learned that there is a Sunday Market in Didim, at the same location as the Wednesday Market, but only for everything second hand, like clothes, curtains, toys, tools, furniture, etc. At least, if you missed the Saturday Market there’s any one of the other’s or all you can visit and don’t forget there’s the nightly Market in Mavişehir, Didim, where you can haggle a few more bargains, then make your way to the sea front where you can enjoy a romantic setting, dining with a fresh fish dinner while watching the sunset. A marvelous way to end your day!

* By Aleyna
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