Apollon Sunset Boat Tour From Didim Harbour

If you're as crazy about sunsets as me and like going on boat trips, then you'd be sure to enjoy the Altinkum evening Sunset Boat Trip with dinner for a delightful evening of entertainment while watching the sun go down.

I boarded a boat in Altinkum Harbor on a warm September evening in Didim and went on the Sunset and Dinner Boat Tour, with about 30 others. It was around 7 pm when we left the port and the sun was already starting to set. There was a fair amount of breeze but not too much or not cold at all. It was actually quite pleasant, especially sitting on the middle deck watching the sun go down and the view from all sides.

Me and a few others took a few photos while there was still daylight, just before the street and building lights started to come on one by one, the view from
the boat was a blur until the array of lights glowed with beautiful colored light. I chatted with a few tourists on the boat, some just enjoying the trip to do something different, others enjoying beer, wine, music and dinner with their family or a group of friends and weren't particularly interested in the amazing sunsets happening around them.

I am definitely a fan of the sunset and took lots of photos and videos before dinner was served. I sat for a while and chatted with a group of 4 people taking pictures on the middle deck. This wasn't their first Sunset Cruise and he said it won't be their last either. This was my first sunset cruise and I will definitely book to go again next year. The smell of the food being cooked as the sun went down was really nice and it was even better to taste it all. There was even some left over for those who could fit a little more.
Of course music was playing all the time on the boat, from the 70's to the 90's, a few Turkish tunes were thrown on board for the locals and most of us enjoyed the selection and sang along some of the evening. Everyone ate well, had a few drinks (no alcohol for me), and enjoyed time for a sing along to a 
good few song as the boat made its way back to shore. All in all, we had a good 3 and a half hours that evening and I personally enjoyed it. So, next time 
you come to Didim for your vacation, don't forget to book your Daily Boat Tour and Sunset Boat Sightseeing with Didim Tour. https://didimtour.com/

Highly recommend for a great evening with friends or family. You can go to the boat on your own and return home, or you can arrange for them to pick you 
up and drop you back at your apartment or hotel at no extra cost. This year, the price was 200 liras/10 pounds, including food and transportation, and returning home if desired. Next year it will probably be £10 again but we'll have to wait and see and also what the exchange rate for the Lira will be until next time.
If I say that the daily boat tours from the port are one of the most popular summer activities, I think that those living here in Didim would definitely agree with me. Many locals and vacationers will have the opportunity to go on a Boat Tour more than once during the summer vacation. Having around 20 boats with a choice of loud dance music or party boat (great fun for families with kids) or relaxing boat trip for those who prefer a quieter and calmer day on the ocean, there are always a few of each type going out so you won't be disappointed, and you won't miss out. With most boat tours they do pickups, and lunch is always included in the price, but not all return you back to your accommodation.
For the Sunset Boat Tour with dinner and a great selection of music, I recommend booking a few days in advance and sometimes a week in advance as they don't fill the boat as much during the day. These cruises are very popular and only one or two boats leave on an evening for this tour, so you may find that 
you will be put on a waiting list. While all boats provide a great service, we all have different experiences and opinions. They all have loyal customers who 
go many times with the same boat company, but this year I've been on 3 different boats, one of which is the Apollon, and I prefer their food to other boats, 
so they went above and beyond for me. Of course, you may not agree.

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