Getting to Didim

Getting to Didim

Getting here is easy. Didim is close to two international airports: Bodrum is considered its “home airport,” located just under 100 kilometers away, whereas İzmir (150 kilometers in the opposite direction) offers better year-round connections either direct or via İstanbul from an ever-growing number of destinations. A recent addition is direct flights to and from the Republic of Ireland.

For those of our readers already in the country, Didim is a mere two hours’ drive from İzmir. Didim can be reached by domestic plane, rented car, train via İzmir and direct coaches from many parts of Turkey including Ankara, Antalya or Samsun and of course İstanbul.
Driving in and outside Didim gives you your own time to explore this stunning country .

Car travel gives you freedom to go where you want when you want, whether you drive your own car to Turkey or rent/hire a car in turkey. A car is useful mostly for touring a specific region

petrol stations in Turkey generally supply unleaded gasoline/petrol (kurşunsuz benzin) in several octane grades, and also diesel (mazot) and ultra-low-sulfur diesel(eurodizel)Some stations also sell LNG (liquified natural gas).
Important note: on some Turkish expressways and bridges you must pay tolls, and you cannot do it with cash! You must have a transponder.

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