Didim Altinkum is one of popular holiday destinations in Turkey. There is a wide range of options for hotels in and around Didim Altinkum suitable for pretty much any budget. 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels, 2 star hotels, Apart hotels, Boutique hotels, Holiday villages and family pensions are available in Didim Altinkum. Before you reserve any hotel make sure you understand exact location of the hotel well.

Didim Apartment & Condo Rentals

Didim rental houses have daily, seasonal or monthly rental options.You can always find a rental house during the holiday season or outside the season, and finding a monthly rental house is a bit of a problem.

People need homes to sustain their lives. Therefore, while some live in rented houses, others accumulate debt and become owners. Owning a home is a difficult and tedious process, but tenancy is a little easier. But you need to have a certain budget to be able to live in a rented house. The first choice of people looking for a rental house is real estate sites. In this, the search can be sustained by keeping some criteria in the search for houses from the real estate sites. Some rental houses are rented in a short time while others are not rented in the expected period. Therefore, the criteria we will talk about are an important factor in the rental of houses. Didim rental houses can be rented more quickly due to the fact that it is a holiday region. Although landlords are selective about the tenant in order to earn income from their rental houses, they cannot decide very much what kind of tenant they should be.

Rental Price Must Be Affordable

The first criterion in the search for rental houses is the price of the houses. Since everyone's budget is different for him, his choice of home is in proportion to the price. The desired rental price for the house must match the properties of the house. In Didim, you can find seasonal rentals that can be rented during the summer vacation, and the fee is requested in advance, but monthly rental house is quite low. Monthly rental houses do not prefer foreigners and holidaymakers. Mostly, civil servants and families who have been living in Didim for a while prefer, and such houses can be found in the city, away from the beach.

Dues Fee Should Not Force the Budget

Looking at the new apartments, they are usually located in the complex. Therefore, such houses can be high in dues. Giving a high fee may not be possible for everyone. For this, dues are a very important issue. The dues ensure that the rents are not determined individually. Holidaymakers who prefer daily rental or one-week rentals usually do not pay dues, but monthly tenants or seasonal tenants may have to pay dues.

If you are a landlord and want to rent your home in a short time, then the point you need to pay attention to is the situation in the market and the income level of people. If the house to be rented is given a more appropriate figure, then finding a tenant is never a problem. You should keep in mind that when you rent your home daily, your earnings will increase as well as your home will wear out faster and the investment you will have to make will increase. Since civil servants and families who want to move to the settlements will use your house more properly, it would be better to choose these types of rental methods if you do not have any income problem.


The proximity or distance of the rental houses to the beach and the sea is also among the factors affecting the rental fees. If the rented flat is close to the beach, in this case, the rents are higher and your chance of finding a seasonal or daily rental house can be reduced considerably. Since people who want to spend their holidays in such houses will live, the issue of finding a rental house in the summer is really troubled. In these seasons, rental homes are experiencing the most active period. It is also worth noting that those who prefer the settled order have the problem of finding a house in a central location due to the search for a house around schools and government offices.

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