Why do coastal regency cry out "do not come"?

Hikmet Atilla, Deputy Chairman of the Didim Chamber of Commerce and General Manager of Rafinesse Travel, wrote why the mayor's of the coastal cities call for people "not to come".

The mayor's of the coastal cities call, "Do not come, please do not leave your homes. It is not safe with such a virus.

Those who live on the shores have spoke about the sudden number of cars and people has increased, what are we going to do?"

The problem, which has been discussed in coastal mangerment for a long time, was brought up once again. The summer population in the coastal regency was 8-10 times the winter population. The share of general budget tax revenues is not sufficient, since it is evaluated over the winter population. There is no reason to leave bigger cities this does not help costal regency. Our budget is not enough.

Didim Mayor Ahmet Deniz Atabay is also calling for Covid-19. By saying “stay at home”, it warns those who are thinking of coming to Didim. "When you come, because we have a limited budget, we may not be able to look at you as desired, we may not meet expectations," he says.

These days Covid - 19 is taking the world by storm. This virus is such a terrible virus that it can hide itself comfortably, while I am thinking that I am fine, you have been caught, you have not noticed, you have survived, your friend has been caught and taken under your influence. Catching a single person's disease means catching hundreds and thousands of people.

All people are talking about this

There is a movement in Didim recently; The holidaymakers want to come to their holiday home, so they may think of moving away from the crowded place and reducing the risk of getting sick. This is not like that. The risk of getting sick is always greater in places where the elderly population is rather large for example Didim, experts say. On the other hand, we don't really have the infrastructure to fight diseases. Didim State Hospital, which was put into service in 2001, is not even able to respond to the winter population with the existing infrastructures of health institutions and healthcare equipment, but they are not at all in special situations like today. Our hospital bed capacity is very insufficient compared to today's population. Everyone living in Didim (associations, representatives of political parties, chambers, associations, local government) wants to increase the bed capacity of the state hospital without exception, and for this, opposition and ruling party deputies were visited, the situation was explained. The solution is this year, and next year has come to this day. No solution was found. With a population of 90 thousand, Didim has a Hospital with only 65 beds. Incoming heavy patients are taken to hospitals in the near region or provinces. This can be Aydın (100 km) or Izmir (170 km).

Yes, our mayor's worry is because of the above reasons. This is why people should not want to come to the holiday resorts. After getting rid of the corona disease, we are happy to welcome you again and again in our regions.

Please stay home stay safe.
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