When will we know it's safe to travel again?

Here’s a $570 billion question: When is it safe to travel again?

When the experts say so, that’s when. But figuring out who those experts are during the coronavirus crisis may be as difficult as finding a vaccine.

When is it safe to book a trip again?

Here are three things that must happen before travelers return to the sky, sea and hotels:

It’s not enough for just one of these entities to rescind its warnings. To be safe, wait for all three to do it.

If you’re a nervous traveler, look for the Canadian and British governments to chime in, too. If everyone is in agreement, you can probably start to feel comfortable about traveling again.

By the way, that half-trillion dollars I mentioned a minute ago is the amount of tourism money at risk in North America this year after the coronavirus outbreak, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, a trade organization. All told, nearly 7 million tourism jobs are on the line.

“The travel and tourism sector faces an economic meltdown,” warned Gloria Guevara Manza, WTTC’s president.

And that’s because your next vacation is history – at least, for now.
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