New measures in the public market of Didim

In line with the statement made by the Didim District Governor, it was announced that new measures were taken from the marketplaces established in the district in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

In the statement made by the Didim District Governorate regarding the new measures;

“In line with the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior in the district markets operating on the days determined throughout our district, the following measures will be implemented in the marketplaces established in our district in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, to minimize the negative effects on the health of our citizens, and to ensure the social distance, which is the most effective struggle in the epidemic.

The new measures in the marketplaces are as follows;

Controlled entrances and exits will be provided to the market places, and all other areas except the designated entrances and exits will be closed with an iron barrier and similar equipment and uncontrolled entrances and exits will be prevented.

Entries and exits will not be made from the same point in the market places. If it is compulsory to be constructed from the same point, separate corridors will be created for entry and exit so that the citizens do not encounter intensity.

In the market places, exhibitions, benches or sales boards will be placed at least 3 meters between them.

By determining the number of tradesmen in the market that operate commercially, a maximum number of citizens will be recruited within the market.

In the market area, after the citizen leaves, citizens will be recruited to ensure that the same number of citizens is constantly present.

In order to prevent the intensity of the afternoon from forming in the markets, announcements will be made with local opportunities for the citizens to do their shopping without adding the evening hours.

Audits will be carried out to ensure that the instructions on market activities are fully implemented, and criminal sanctions will be applied to behavior.

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