Didim Vefa group did not forget foreign citizens

Didim Vefa Support group meets the needs of foreign citizens who are 65 years old and have chronic illnesses living in Didim.

Vefa Support Group completed the list prepared at the request of a foreign citizen over 65 years old, who is living in Didim, and delivered it to the market.

Didim Municipality Police Chief Murat Hacıfettahoğlu; “When our foreign nationals residing in our district apply to the Directorate of Migration Management in our district, fill out their forms and are informed to the loyalty group following their requests, we perform our duties as our citizens are welcomed and forwarded to them quickly. We get a lot of positive feedback. We get positive feedback from our own citizens and from our foreign citizens. They say they are satisfied with the service provided. It is waiting for all our citizens to get rid of the virus as soon as possible. We especially ask that our citizens over 65 years old and chronic citizens and foreigners to comply with the quarantine period. "

Didim District Directorate of Migration Management
Address: Efeler, Akdeniz Cd. No: 109
Phone: (0256) 811 54 46

Source: sesgazetesi.com.tr
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