Didim modernization works continues

Didim Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continues their work without slowing down in order for the district to have more modern and useful ways.

In line with the plans made by Didim Municipality, it continues its efforts to improve the quality of the roads and to increase its standard. In this context, in order to achieve a modern and aesthetic appearance of the Municipality Interchange region, which is located at the intersection of Cumhuriyet Avenue and İnönü Boulevard, the teams of Science Directorate completed the road maintenance and renovation works that it started with an intensive tempo in favorable weather conditions. After the works, the Park Gardens Directorate teams carried out landscaping works in the road and junction area, giving them an aesthetic appearance.

Didim Mayor A. Deniz Atabay, who has been examining the works meticulously since the first day, said, "Our renovation works have been completed in the Municipality Junction area.
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