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Like many other emerging economies, Turkey has had to weather the storm in recent times. However, there may still be opportunities to find graduate jobs in certain sectors With its varied landscapes and position at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey is a nation with a diverse cultural heritage. Home to important historical sites as well as top-class beaches along its vast coastline, tourism plays an important role in its economy. The capital city of Ankara - along with the great city of Istanbul - provides a focal point for its business endeavours and employment for a large proportion of the Turkish population.


Visa requirements

Visa requirements vary from country to country. Check if you need a visa by calling your local Turkish Consulate.

If you do then please only use the link below. This is the only official website


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Jayne  White
Jayne  White
Most people get confused by the first question, it is the country your passport was issued not the country you are visiting
02.04.2016 14:13:17